Colupaeo is a collaboration of ideas and styles that came to fruition in 2022. The group grew in the shadow of lockdowns and isolation, a time where many people went through a period of self reflection and re - evaluation of their lives. Colupaeos music follows the themes of searching for meaning in a world that verges on the absurd, sometimes drawing conclusions that lead back to the start. It is also a search for community and cohesion in a time where unity is harder and harder to find. They take inspiration from trip hop, psychedelic rock, trance and ballads. Colupaeo calls their music "NightDrive". Where some groups are scientists, experimenting with sounds, Colupaeo are gardeners, planting seeds and seeing what will bloom. Each member brings with them years of experience in different musical projects, it is the blend of alternative mindsets, tastes and styles that bring about something unique but familiar to the sonic landscape. "Music is life and we just want to keep playing." (Conor Graver)